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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

Considerably improves the quality of piano playing in just 10 weeks

With the Piano-Yoga® 'Transform Your Hands: A complete ten week course of piano exercises' anyone has the opportunity to achieve a professional level of playing on the piano, from the advanced beginner through intermediate to advanced, in just under 3 months of regular practice.

The majority of adult students are often busy professionals with very little time to practice and no time at all to work on their hands. The Piano-Yoga® method allows them to concentrate on pieces while spending the minimum amount of time on their technique.

"After eight years of formal piano lessons and twelve years of not playing, the idea of starting again made me very nervous. Based on my previous old school experience, I expected to have to spend months playing scales and technical exercises before being able to enjoy playing to my old standard. GéNIA's Piano-Yoga® was a real revelation to me. In a few months I was already playing a lot of my old repertoire. I highly recommend Piano-Yoga® to busy people who wish to get the most out of their practice time."
Aiman Mukanova, Commodities Structurer & Marketer, Standard Bank Plc.

A comprehensive course which quickly builds up the strength in the muscles which work the fingers and hands

When people just start to play the piano or don't play regularly, their fingers remain weak. It takes years of regular practice to establish strength in the muscles that work fingers and hands.

This is why it is always easy to see the difference between a professional and amateur player. Professionals produce good sound quality and are able to control the instrument better. With Piano-Yoga® strengthening the fingers can be achieved significantly faster.

"Piano-Yoga® is more than a book of exercises. It is a holistic approach focusing on all aspects of performance and the performer. The exercises increase strength and coordination between different parts of the finger and hand, but also focus on the complex relationship between the whole body and mind in the act of performance. This approach focuses on the fundamentals of all music making and is not reserved for GéNIA's advanced, but for all of her, students."
Ian Grundy, pianist, piano teacher and composer


Increase flexibility of the hands and fingers to their ultimate potential

Piano-Yoga® is particularly beneficial for players with small and medium sized hands who suffer from an inability to play a wider piano repertoire. The amazing ability of Rachmaninoff's hands or the span in Brahms Piano Concertos, for example, intimidates many players and makes them feel unfulfilled.

After consistent practice with the Piano-Yoga® 'Transform Your Hands: A complete ten week course of piano exercises, you may start to notice changes in your hands within the first two weeks and after 3 months you may be able to play a wider repertoire of the pieces you were unable to play before.

"I am so impressed by the Piano-Yoga® exercises. By doing them regularly I have noticed it allows me to stretch my hands more and more and my span on the piano is continuously increasing. I notice changes on a weekly basis. I highly recommend these exercises to everyone who wants to increase their hand span and it's flexibility. As a yoga practitioner I particularly enjoyed the breathing together with the piano exercises - I find it incredibly relaxing."
Elisabeth Scheder-Bieschin, Freelance Photographer


Provides an excellent warm up routine for beginners and professionals

Often pianists only have 5 minutes to try out an instrument (unlike string and wind players who can warm up for as long as they need) before going on stage either for a public performance or an exam. Although playing a few scales and arpeggios is good, it does not always provide an adequate and thorough warm-up for the hands and also does not provide the specific mental focus required for a public performance.

Piano-Yoga® answers this dilemma and provides a complete and fast warm-up for the hands. By using exercises from the Preliminary Stage (for the beginner) or Stage One (for intermediate to advanced) of Piano-Yoga® 'Transform Your Hands: A complete ten week course of piano exercises' piano players can warm up and limber their fingers in just 5 minutes.

"I found GéNIA's exercises quite odd at first. I felt the stretches act as though they were a workout for my hand. After the exercises, in the playing of my pieces, my hands felt very warmed up and more capable of stretches and passages, much more so than if I had played scales alone. In just a few weeks my hands felt permanently larger and stronger."
Alexander Stubbs, pupil, Westminster School, recipient of Westminster Music Scholarship 2005-2010


Piano-Yoga® also focuses on a player's well-being. The method is tailored to each individual body and mind

There are plenty of piano exercises available on the market these days but not many of them really concentrate on connecting an individual's physique to an individual's mind. As a result exercises are always treated as an external discipline that one must learn. As part of the Piano-Yoga® method students are advised in various areas of well-being, including body alignment, tension release and help with focus.

"Piano-Yoga® helped me release tension, and simply concentrate on playing the piano. GéNIA's approach to tuition makes practice a pleasure."
Jamie Telford, Composer

Piano-Yoga® provides a holistic approach towards piano playing and for some it actually becomes a stress management technique. The method not only works on improving piano playing, but also helps to look after the whole body by incorporating breathing and posture awareness, so that one can develop a piano style that works in conjunction with individual physique and mind, not against it.

"I have found the gentle and easy exercises in Piano-Yoga® helped me focus my whole self toward my practice, centering and calming me at the beginning of my practice session, thereby enabling me to concentrate more during practice."

Julius Beltrame, Director of Operations, Europe Telecommunication Systems Ltd.

Complements any style of tuition and playing

Very often the teaching of various piano schools contradicts and clashes with each other. This is why people sometimes find it difficult to go from one teacher to another.

The unique approach of Piano-Yoga® simply creates the physical and mental foundation that complements and can be applied to any piano school! In simple terms it allows the player to learn any technique quicker and more efficiently.

Whether you were trained in Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea or any other country and in any style of piano school, Piano-Yoga® "Transform Your Hands: A complete ten week course of piano exercises" can improve and build on what you already have and create the foundation skills that will benefit and enhance your own specific practice.

Provides an effective and economical way of generating a long-term tuition

After completing the Piano-Yoga® 'Transform Your Hands: A complete ten week course of piano exercises', a player may be able to rapidly move to the next level of their ability and use more advanced techniques to learn more complex pieces.

By practicing Piano-Yoga® exercises regularly, a student can develop a professional level of piano playing and achieve effective results in a matter of months - compared to the years it might take using other piano methods.

"My ten year-old son had been studying the piano for two years before he started a weekly lesson with GéNIA.
After only six weeks his performance was transformed. A few weeks later he gave a short recital at his school and received an unprecedented standing ovation from staff and pupils."

Max Gammon, Private Medical Consultant


The method can be practiced on digital piano and as well as on acoustic piano

To get the benefits from any kind of practice it has always been better to practice on an acoustic piano rather then digital piano.

This is because digital pianos cannot replicate the sound quality and sensitive response to touch (that allows you to train the fingers) which acoustic pianos can offer.

However the Piano-Yoga® 'Transform Your Hands: A complete ten week course of piano exercises' can be practiced on digital and even portable pianos, as players can still get benefits from the deep flat fingered work on the piano that Piano-Yoga® promotes. It suits the busy professional who wants to practice while away on business trips or holiday.

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