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Piano-Yoga® Certificate Courses at Kings Place

Piano-Yoga® Certificate Course at Kings Place, London

After the highly-successful launch of the Piano-Yoga® retreats at Kings Place in May 2011 - described as ??inspiring?? by Music Teacher Magazine and ??refreshingly unusual?? by International Piano Magazine - visionary Russian virtuoso pianist GéNIA returns with the new Piano-Yoga® Certificate Courses: The Piano-Yoga® Certificate Foundation Course and The Piano-Yoga® Certificate Course One to give pianists from advanced-beginner to advanced level everything they need to transform their playing whilst enhancing their well-being.

What is the Piano-Yoga® Certificate Foundation Course?

Described as ??The 21st-century answer to playing the piano.?? by Yoga & Health Magazine, The Piano-Yoga® Certificate Foundation Course is an holistic music course designed to teach students to play the piano with correct healthy habits and to the highest professional standard. The course aims to give in-depth information and insight into the Piano-Yoga® method. Participants will learn the basics, including the function of the hand position, establishing correct posture, mastering the main piano articulation skills, organisation of performance practice and combating pre-performance nerves. By the end of the course participants will be familiar with the main principles of piano technique and will have gained healthy habits through understanding their body, how to work with their own energy and master efficient piano practice.

What is the Piano-Yoga® Certificate Course One?

The Piano-Yoga® Certificate Course One aims to continue the teaching of the Foundation Course to educate students further. Introducing advanced tips on piano technique, preparing for exams strategy, combating performance nerves on the day, finding the right interpretation, developing tone-control on the piano, improving memory and giving the full aid of physical exercises to help to gain energy as well as de-stress.

Both courses will show students how to practice efficiently and use strategies that work best with their individual physique, intellect and energy state. The unique nature of these Piano-Yoga® courses will provide students with tools to use their piano playing as an alternative way to enhance their well-being and master stress-management. Both courses will culminate with the participants?? concert where guests are welcome! The classes will consist of a mixture of lectures, workshops, master-classes and physical exercises.
??I was one revitalised pianist and a teacher ready with a new range of tools to support and develop her students! Thank you GéNIA ?? this was a five-star course??.

Karen Marshall from Music Teacher Magazine



Click on a day for detailed information on times and programmes. Click HERE to see the full Itinerary.


Fees for:

Foundation Course: 1 Session (3hrs)
Course One: 1 Session (3hrs)
Day Pass: (3hrs + 3hrs)
Certificate Foundation Course (3hrs x 4 day; total of 12 hours)
Certificate Course One (3hrs x 4 days; total of 12 hours)
Both Foundation & Course One

£90 (£45.00 per session)
£162 (£40.50 per session)
£162 (40.50 per session)
£306 (£38.25 per session)

How to Book:

Bookings are handled by Kings Place. Please follow the link below for booking information or call the Kings Place Box Office to pay for tickets:

Link: Kings Place Website
Kings Place Box Office: 020 7520 1490

Can I do both courses at the same time?

Yes, it??s up to the student to decide how they want to learn the Piano-Yoga® method.For those who prefer a structured approach, we would recommend the Piano-Yoga® Foundation Course first, followed by the Piano-Yoga® Course One. For those who would like to get immediate access to advanced Piano-Yoga® training, the Piano-Yoga® Course One can be accessed straight away. And for those who prefer to have the Piano-Yoga® experience in a more relaxed way, they are welcome to attend both courses at the same time and pick the topics that interest them most. The courses are specifically designed so that students can ??mix & match?? sessions and choose the approach that best fits with their requirements, level and availability. Those who attend the full 4 sessions of each course will receive the relevant Piano-Yoga® Certificates.

Who are the Piano-Yoga® Certificate Courses for?

The Piano-Yoga® Certificate Foundation Course and Course One are designed for pianists of all levels (late beginner to advanced) from the age of 14 upwards. Deeply informative to amateur pianists, offering new holistic pedagogical discoveries to piano teachers, helping professional musicians and conservatoire students overcome the consequences of past injuries (either psychological or physical), the Piano-Yoga® courses present ideas and strategies from which musicians of any level and profile can benefit. No previous yoga experience is necessary. All are welcome to come and join us in a friendly relaxed nurturing environment. Every participant is warmly invited to share lunch with GéNIA before or after each class and try the delicious food from Green & Fortune Café at Kings Place, whilst exchanging ideas!

More Info

Dates: 29th September 2013 - 1st December 2013
Itinerary: Click HERE.
Venue: Kings Place, Limehouse Room, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
Fees: Starting from £50
Booking: Kings Place Website | t: +44 (0)20 7520 1490
Enquiries: t: +44 (0)20 7226 9829 | m: +44 (0)7948 447492 | Click HERE to email us. 
Foundation: 10:00 - 13:00
Course One: 14:00 - 17:00