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What is an electronic book (eBook)?

Electronic books (or ebooks) are digital files comprising of books specially designed to be read on computer screens, PDAs or the screens of special ebook reading devices.

What is so good about eBooks?

Ebooks are a fast, convenient and great value way to buy, read and keep the books you want. They can be downloaded in seconds and many ebooks can be stored and carried on a single small computer.

How do I buy the Piano-Yoga® eBook?

Have a look at the Piano-Yoga® ebooks available. Choose the title you want and make sure that you have already downloaded the appropriate software to read it. Follow the simple instructions on-screen to purchase and download the title.

Do I need a special computer to read an eBook?

No, to read an ebook you will need a computer that can be connected to the Internet. This might be a pc, laptop or certain model of handheld computer. You will also need to have installed and activated appropriate ebook reading software, available from Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader (for more about these pieces of software see below).
You can download the free software by clicking on following link: Adobe Acrobat Reader

Can I read eBooks on my Macintosh?

Yes, both Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader and Palm Reader work on the Macintosh operating system.

Can I order eBooks by phone?

No. Because these are digital products, they can only be ordered online.

Can I order multiple copies of an eBook at once?

No. Because it is not currently possible to buy an ebook for another person so you will only need one copy.

Please note that each book is solely for your own personal use. Please see the Your Obligation section in Piano-Yoga® Terms and Conditions.

Do I have to pay delivery charges for eBooks? What about taxes?

You do not have to pay delivery charges for ebooks.

There is also no VAT or other taxes payable on digitally downloaded products from this website.

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to read my eBook?

No. Once you have paid for and downloaded your ebook you can read it offline without being connected to the Internet.

Can I pay for an eBook with a cheque?

No. Ebooks can only be purchased with a credit or debit card at this time.

Can I purchase an eBook as a gift?

At this time, ebooks cannot be sent as gifts.

How long will it take to download an eBook?

The download time depends on the size of the eBook you order and the speed of the modem on your computer. Download times for an average-sized ebook according to connection speed vary between 2 seconds for a T1 line and 2 minutes for a 28.8k modem.

How many times can I download an eBook?

You can download an eBook only ONCE. After that the link will be deleted. If you experience an error in downloading this eBook please contact our support team HERE.

What if I accidentally skip or erase the e-mail that contains the link to my eBook?

Please contact our support team HERE. 

How many times can I print my eBook?

To protect copyrights, publishers establish their own guidelines for how much of their eBooks can be printed or copied. This means that these permissions will differ from book to book. For example, some of the free books from the Adobe Bookstore have no restrictions on copying and printing. Or, a publisher might give users the ability to print several pages of a cookbook within a set period of time. All Piano-Yoga® eBooks can be printed up to a maximum of three times.

What is the return policy for eBooks?

All ebooks are non-returnable. For more information please read terms and conditions.

What if I have trouble downloading an eBook or a reader?

If you have trouble downloading an eBook or a reader, please visit www.helpebook.com or contact our support team HERE

Can I make copies of my eBook?

No.  Please see the Your Obligation section in Piano-Yoga® Terms and Conditions

I'm a teacher and I have a class of 20 students, can I print 20 copies to distribute to them?

No, each student must purchase their own copy.  Please see the Your Obligation section in Piano-Yoga® Terms and Conditions

I have three pianos in different locations - can I print 3 copies of the eBook to use at each piano?

Yes, provided they are for your own personal use.

If you do not see an answer to your question?

Please contact our support team HERE

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