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We offer various levels of one to one classical piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced level pupils from all age groups. Our teachers are personally selected by GéNIA; some of them are her former students and colleagues who substitute for her when she is travelling. Our main goals are:

•  To fully support the individuality of the student.
•  To develop a strong sense of self-confidence in each student.
•  To help the student think and feel like an independent and creative artist.
•  To promote a healthy environment in which to learn the piano.
•  To pay significant attention to the whole body-mind process.
•  To develop a positive attitude towards the learning process.
•  To enable both technical excellence and musical expression as equally important components.  

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Classical Piano Lessons


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"My ten year-old son had been studying the piano for two years before he started a weekly lesson with GéNIA. After only six weeks his performance was transformed. A few weeks later he gave a short recital at his school and received an unprecedented standing ovation from staff and pupils."

Max Gammon, private medical consultant