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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

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Personalised Course

This personalised course is tailored specifically to your needs, and includes a combination of piano and pure yoga one to one tuition. To enrol, we ask that you fill out our Needs Analysis form (request HERE) and book an Assessment Lesson. After the evaluation, GéNIA will provide you with personalised plan, which will include your daily routine and exercises (both in piano and yoga). Discounts for children and professional musicians are available. Please see fees page for more information.

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'In supporting and participating in GéNIA's (master) classes I can vouchsafe for her passion and commitment to piano teaching and performance at the highest level. GéNIA's an an outstanding and versatile musician with a warm engaging personality. As a coach, her sense of humour and enthusiasm encourages participation and response inspiring confidence at whatever stage of play allowing students to feel relaxed is part of her magic along with focus and imaginative interpretation; bringing out the best in them with consummate patience and skill."

Simon Markson, Managing Director of Markson Pianos

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