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Sticky Yoga Mats
The Piano-Yoga® sticky yoga mat is the best value yoga mat in town ?? hence why it??s the number one choice for yoga students, teachers and studios.

Unlike cheap ??supermarket?? or ??value?? mats, our sticky yoga mats will wear in to develop excellent grip to counter-act sliding, and provide soft cushioning to keep knees and bottoms comfy.
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D-Ring Yoga Belt
A staple yoga prop and widely used in Iyengar yoga classes, these D-ring yoga belts have a strong d-ring buckle, so you can adjust the belt for your own practice and posture.

Belts are regularly used in poses such as paschimottanasana and gomukhasana to extend and lengthen reach.
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Lightweight Foam Block
The best value and highest quality yoga blocks on the market. Light enough to carry between classes, yet sturdy enough to bear your weight in postures, these lightweight foam yoga blocks are supplied unbranded and unpackaged to avoid wasteful shrink wrapping.
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Bolster + Removable Cover
Classic firm cotton yoga bolster. Strong upholstery fabric covers, with useful carrying handle at one end. 100% cotton cover with a strong zip covering a natural cotton inner stuffed with cotton wadding.
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Yoga Products

Here you can buy some of the most essential yoga equipment needed for your practice.

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