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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

One day Piano-Yoga® Retreat at Steinway Hall, London

Date: 13th November 2011
Time: 10:00 ?? 17:30
Fees: £80
Location: Steinway Hall, London
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Piano-Yoga® retreat is designed for pianists who would like to improve their technique while enhancing their well-being and developing new ways of thinking towards playing the piano.

As stated by Piano Professional Magazine, "it really does work? Many ailing pianists have been helped with this unorthodox and unusual method...?  and based on the Piano-Yoga® book, this one day retreat will concentrate on strengthening your hands and fingers, show how to look after your body while playing the piano and deal with any performance nerves, amongst other topics. 

The retreat will also include a two hour Masterclass with Russian virtuoso pianist GéNIA, creator of Piano-Yoga®. If you would like to perform, please email info@piano-yoga.com with the name and duration of the piece (maximum 10 minutes). Please include audio or video recording of your playing or the name of two referees. 

Wearing comfortable clothing will be beneficial for doing physical exercises.

The aim of the Piano-Yoga® retreat is to leave you feeling refreshed and inspired by this holistic method.

The event presents the unique holistic system of piano playing called Piano-Yoga®, which is based on combining the fundamentals of Russian school of Piano Playing with the principles of Eastern philosophies, particularly yoga. It has been created and developed by the Russian virtuoso pianist and educator GéNIA. The aims are focusing your piano practice, improving concentration, effectively building strength in the fingers and hands, establishing good posture at the piano and conquering performance nerves amongst other topics.

Piano-Yoga® can radically improve technique and unblock tension. 
The method promotes noticeable progress on the piano by utilizing the principles of movement, gravity and breathing, thus creating a more natural, organic approach towards piano playing. It can also be used as a stress management technique. 

Click here to pay for a placement. You will receive a confirmation via email. 

For more information please contact Richard McDonald at:
e: richard.mcdonald@piano-yoga.com

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