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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

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How Piano-Yoga® can help Amateur Pianists Pianists

You can rely on Piano-Yoga® to provide world-class piano tuition with eminently qualified concert pianists.  We believe that even the humble beginner can aspire to play like a professional and we use the same approach to piano technique and methodology with amateur learners as we do with our professional and semi-professional students.  Our yoga-based lifestyle philosophy approach tends to appeal especially to adult learners with busy lives looking for time-efficient tuition and ways to maximise their limited practice time, and also wanting some time to work on their well-being. Whatever your level, we can help you prepare for grades, or learn just for fun.  We teach you the basics (how to improve your sight-reading, articulation etc.), but we also share the trade secrets professionals use to combat performance nerves and hone their technical skills. 

Amateur Pianists

'A pianistic elixir of life.' Rachel Woodhouse, Amateur Pianist
??I would encourage any pianist, amateurs and professionals alike, to sign up to one of [GéNIA??s] courses!?? International Piano Magazine
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