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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

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How Piano-Yoga® can help Amateur Children Pianists

The early years of a child??s piano education are crucial to the development of solid reading skills, musicianship and a good technical approach.  Piano-Yoga® offers standard lessons for children which are fun, whilst also giving a solid grounding in all aspects of piano education from the very start. Our method is rooted in the Russian piano school, which (unlike various other pianistic schools) allows the learner to adopt a ??freer??, more relaxed and healthy approach to the instrument from the start. We can prepare your child to take grades, and encourage all our younger learners to gain performance experience early on by taking part in local music festivals and our own end-of-term concerts.

Piano-Yoga® courses and products designed especially for children:


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??With her positive, non-defeatist approach, [GéNIA] emphasises the joy and satisfaction of playing at any level.?? International Piano Magazine
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