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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

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How Piano-Yoga® can help Amateur Music TeachersPiano-Yoga® for your students:

The dynamic Piano-Yoga® method can really help to broaden your pedagogical horizons, and provide new solutions to old problems.  Piano teachers have increasingly been turning to our ground-breaking book Transform Your Hands: A Complete Ten Week Course of Piano Exercises for use with their own students to improve technique.  Unlike many schools of piano pedagogy, Piano-Yoga® is non-exclusive and compatible with other methods, which means you can use our book alongside your existing courses to complement the learning process.  Our method has been given a stamp of approval by EPTA and various leading piano pedagogues in publications such as Music Teacher, Piano Professional and Piano Journal.  Beyond our book the Piano-Yoga® method has many other facets, and can help your students to:
  • Organise their practice
  • Improve concentration
  • Establish good posture at the piano
  • Build strength and suppleness in the fingers and hands
  • Increase hand span
  • Develop good listening technique
  • Master different qualities of sound
  • Develop rhythm and articulation
  • Improve their sight-reading
  • Conquer performance nerves
  • Release tension during performance
  • Memorise repertoire effectively
  • Unlock their individual interpretation

Piano-Yoga® for you!:

Piano-Yoga® focuses on enhancing well-being as part of a wider lifestyle philosophy which counters the sedentary lifestyle inherent in being a professional piano teacher.  We can, of course, also help you to refresh your own skills as a pianist.

Piano-Yoga® courses and products designed especially for you:

'My students have developed a greater finger control and the wrist exercises have really improved their phrasing.'
Music Teacher

??All teachers should give [Piano-Yoga] a try, not only for themselves but also for their students.?? Piano Professional Magazine
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