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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands

Piano-Yoga® Assessment Lessons

Those who are interested in finding out more about Piano-Yoga® but are unable to commit to regular lessons can still benefit from the about Piano-Yoga®  method.  New for 2011, Assessment Lessons are designed specifically for pianists wanting a one-off Piano-Yoga® induction with the head piano Yogini herself, GéNIA.  Each session will focus on the development of a bespoke personal practice plan to help the student achieve their aims.  And whether a professional pianist, amateur, conservatoire student, teacher or the parent of a budding young pianist, Assessment Lessons offer something for everyone.  All Lessons last 60 minutes and take place at Schott Music Shop, 48 Great Marlborough Street, W1, (only a few minutes from Oxford Circus tube station).  Fees are £100 but those booking before 30th March can take advantage of our special introductory offer and pay only £75 / £65 children and students.

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