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Piano-Yoga: Transform Your Hands
Article on Genia and Piano-Yoga in Piano Magazine
Review on Piano-Yoga book in Piano Journal

Music Teacher April 2011

"Having tested out Piano-Yoga with students aged seven to 70, I can't help but be impressed by it. My students have developed a greater finger control and the wrist exercises have really improved their phrasing". 

Karen Marshall

Piano Journal

International Piano March 2011

'A fascinating issue...clear and precise.'

Murry Mclachlan

Piano Professional (EPTA)

"It really works . . . All teachers should give it a try, not only for themselves but also for their pupils who deserve to play with complete relaxation and ease in all repertoire".

Nadia Lasserson


View the 'Naxos In America' eCard featuring GéNIA's release of "Piano Book No. 1" by Gabriel Prokofiev.

Naxos in America 

Financial Times  March 2010

"GéNIA manages to find a platform for contemporary compositions whilst giving historic pieces a fresh airing " 

Article on the release of "Piano Book No 1" by Gabriel Prokofiev performed by GéNIA and the Nonclassical Label.

Piano Journal (EPTA)Winter 2009, No.89

"This is a book for a lifetime of healthy piano playing! ... This book gets 5 stars from me!" Nancy Lee Harper

Nancy Lee Harper

Piano Magazine      Dec 2008

"Nothing is more striking than GéNIA's Piano-Yoga set-up" 

Andrew Green

International Piano July 2011

'With her positive, non-defeatist approach she emphasises the joy and satifaction of playing at any level and I would encourage any pianist, amateurs and professionals alike, to sign up to one of her courses.'

Zoe Rahman

Pianist Magazine Nov 2011

The 'Get Going' article suggests ways pianists can expand their horizon. In the 'Shape Up' section is Piano-Yoga®, alongside The Alexander Technique and BAPAM for ways to improve your technique and stay healthy.

Erica Worth

Music Teacher     Nov 2011

'I was one revitalised pianist and a teacher ready with a new range of tools to support and develop her students! Thank you GéNIA, this was a five-star course.'

Karen Marshall

Yoga & Health     Dec 2011

'The first entirely new piano technique to emerge in over 50 years.'
'PY is something radical.'
'An ideal way to combine an interest in Yoga with learning the piano.'

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International Piano           Dec 2012

Piano-Yoga in International Piano Magazine Nov 2012

'Russian pianist GéNIA longed to play Rachmaninov, and in seeking ways to safely stretch her handspan, she formed a new keyboard methodology.'

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Igraem s Nachala             Oct 2012

Piano-Yoga in Igraem s Nachala Oct 2012

Piano-Yoga® continues to impress the educational world, on a global scale, with a large feature in Russia's leading music arts newspaper, Igraem s Nachala.

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Yogi Times                            Dec 2011

Piano-Yoga in Yogi Times Magazine Dec 2011

'Piano-Yoga® is a method which aims to help students perfect their technique with a foremost motivation to make the piano playing process as enjoyable and pleasurable as possible.'

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Kings Place                        Feb 2013

Piano-Yoga in International Piano Magazine Nov 2012

Kings place has included an in depth feature on Piano-Yoga® and GéNIA in this months Kings Place magazine, in the 'INTERACT' section. Read how GéNIA developed Piano-Yoga® out of a necessity to stretch her hands and find out what reviewers have to say about the Piano-Yoga® Retreats!

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International Arts Mag         Nov 2013

Piano-Yoga in International Arts Magazine November 2013

International Arts Magazine, the only business magazine for the performing arts worldwide, has a full page article on GéNIA and how Piano-Yoga started, where it's at now and what the future hold for the 'The first entirely new piano technique to emerge in over 50 years.'

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Kings Place What's On Mag           Winter 2013/14 Issue

Piano-Yoga in Kings Place What's on Magazine

The winter edition of What's On, the calibrated performance venue Kings Place's quarterly magazine, features a full page Q&A with GéNIA where she is asked about her love of the piano, how yoga has informed her playing and her performances at the Out Hear event and with Max de Wardener in 2014.

Click on the image to read the article. See page 66 for GéNIA's performance listings.

Memorising Music                May 2013

Interview with GéNIA on Memorising Music Blog

GéNIA recently gave an in-depth interview to the blogger Caroline Wright, the founder of the extremely informative and useful 'Memorising Music' blog. Here they discuss techniques for playing without a score and how to prevent memory lapses.

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Pianist Magazine      

Sep 2015

Piano-Yoga in Kings Place What's on Magazine

'Piano-Yoga® makes best use of your specific anatomy, strength and flexibility to help your playing’

Inge Kyemtrup

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